Air conditioning fan (KONVEKTA) 24V; No. H11-001-220

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  • Manufacturer: Konvekta
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KONVEKTA 24V air conditioning fan; product number H11-001-220

Air conditioning fan - an integral element of the system responsible for cooling the air entering the vehicle cabin through the ventilation system. Air conditioning in cars, trucks and buses is now standard equipment. It not only helps cool the interior, but is also responsible for the transparency of the windows by removing steam from them. We use it practically all year round, especially in the hot summer, but also in the winter, which is mild and humid. Every air conditioning user should remember to service it regularly, which is recommended once a year.

Konvekta 24V air conditioning fan - product features:

Regulation: 1-stage

Product number: H11-001-220; H11001220

Application: HLK 5 ARS, HKL / ACX 631 air conditioners


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